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ARM basic reverse engineering lecture slides

April 13, 2013

I gave a lecture for a company last year about basic reverse engineering for ARM. That lecture was for people who had not experienced on RE and wanted to give a shot on ARM. I’m uploading the slides here but there are something (including errata) to be fixed. For example, I need to make a new idapython script to see what instructions are most used in ARM binaries. But it seems it’s hard to get time to do that and i don’t want to share the slides a long time later, so i’ll just post it.

Although, it’s not a perfect case, but feel free to use the slides. This has 2 parts. One is to solve a simple challenge by me and other explains a really basic concept of a packer for ARM CPU. Please keep in mind that this is only v0.1 and i’ll update it when i have a chance. I believe the URLs mentioned on the slides are still alive.

PDF_LINK (Let me know if you need a keynote file to modify and re-use it.”



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  1. Rew. permalink

    What’s mean to ARM ? I don’t know that it is ARM .
    ARM Riversing is so hard ??

  2. ARM is an architecture. Google it.

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