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My CTF challenge for SEUCINSIDE 2013

May 27, 2013

For those who missed my challenge of SECUINSIDE CTF 2013. “angry_danbi” is here! You can download the binary.

Short description for you. This challenge is written in Assembly and has some cute tricks for:

– anti linux based analysis tools (like gdb, objdump so on)
– anti IDA (can’t open the binary in IDA)
– anti hex-rays
– obfuscated instructions
– obfuscation to make hex-rays results dumb

Those are only for start. If you get over the hurdles, now, you need to figure out a tiny VM inside. Understanding the VM opcodes and leaking some bytes are the first goal. The next is just a stupid file API. The final goal is just a simple overflow. But you would miss something if you heavily relies on hex-rays. (Obfuscation.) So, this challenge has 3 stages.

Sounds a bit complicated but actually it was not. Because we had many challenges and we wanted that teams would solve all challenges during the competition. Finally, 4 teams greatly solved this one.

I’m planning to make a much harder challenge than this one for the finals since we may have lesser challenges. I hope teams will like it too. :) Catch up at the stage!


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  1. 덕분에 vm에 대해서 많이 알았습니다. 감사합니다!

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